Worship God in Spirit and in Truth


John 4:23-24

Worship God in Spirit
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In today's culture there is a large proliferation of that which is considered "spiritual." It is often an overloaded term in this crazy world. From the spiritual, mind-body connection depicted in episodes of Oprah to the feel-good, high spirits of the local saloon, it is easy to see how one can get confused when we hear this word that has become commonplace in the English language.

The Christian Life considers "Spirituality" an aspect of utmost importance. But what does the spirituality that God desires in us truly mean?

We read in John 4, one of the most popular lessons that Jesus teaches in his ministry. Amazingly it is one that is taught, not to a crowd of people, not to a group of religious leaders, but to a single person who at the time would have been a moral and social outcast at the time.

Dale brings us a lesson with some unique perspectives on what it means to worship in Spirit. God has made man in His own image and His essence is a very real part of of our makeup, so worshiping in Spirit involves that part of us which hidden from view, but is so much a part of who we are.

The second part of this teaching, involves worshiping Truth. "What is Truth?" John 18:38 - Pilate was ahead of his time. This post modernistic evocative response to Jesus' teaching is rampant in the society today. Today's society confuses truth, there are no absolutes. But scripture testifies to the truth as Dale brings us many examples of this.