About Us

Eastside Church of Christ, Midwest City, OK

Dedicated to serving the community by building relationships based on God’s word

Who are We:

We are people just like you, trying to live meaningful lives in a world that has no meaning. We believe:

  • The Bible is without error and is the inspired Word of God that shows us how to live
  • God is the Creator of everything and we seek to honor Him through our worship and through serving our community
  • Jesus Christ is God’s only Son, the sacrifice for our sins and the only head of the church
  • The church is made up of God’s people who are not perfect, but those purpose is to follow Jesus’ teachings and share his good news of grace and salvation to the world.
  • The Bible gives us the instructions we need to turn from a meaningless life to a life dedicated to walking with Jesus.
  • Christ will come again to claim his own to live with God forever.


Get in Touch!

We are are located on 916 S. Douglas Blvd. in Midwest City Oklahoma.

We’d love for you to worship with us at your next opportunity.

Gathering Times:
Bible Study – 9 AM
Worship – 10 AM
Worship – 5 PM

Bible Study – 7 PM