Christianity – What is It?
September 1, 2019

Christianity – What is It?

Passage: Luke 19:1-10

Often times organizations lose sight of what makes them different from every one around and why they are different.  So it occurs in the church today.  We need lessons to remind us of who we are.

So What is Christianity?

Is it about Getting Good out of this Life?
- Some might think so, but James and Stephen might disagree.  Christians are not always the most healthy and wealthy  of all people.   Since the beginning of the church Christians have never been spared heartache and difficulties.

Is it about being Good?
- The Bible speaks on the importance of being good and letting the fruits of the Spirit fill our lives, but this is not the main thing

Is it about doing Good?
- Again the Bible speaks on the importance of letting your faith shine by your works and how we need to feed the hungry and help the widows and orphans.   But this is only partial.

Is it about feeling Good?
- We have many great reasons to rejoice and feel good about ourselves, even in the midst of difficulties.   As Christians, joy should fill our lives, but again this is not the main thing.

So What is Christianity about?

It is about Becoming Good

By being saved and a child of God, and then we gain the ultimate good of being with Him in heaven.   Ultimately Jesus is the only way through which we fulfill this goal.

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