As seniors are graduating and moving on to the next chapter in their life, it is important to listen to Pauls command to Timothy.  Be an Example
It is Finished - John 19:28-30 1.) John records 3 statements where the Word became Flesh 2.) John's "lens" for the death of Jesus on the cross is expressed in pastoral language 3.) What is Finished? a.) His Life b.) The Law of Moses - Jesus completed and fulfilled it c.) Fulfilled prophesies 4.) Bowed his head and delivered his spirit

Missions Sunday

December 2, 2018
From Mafia to Ministry, Mike Mazzalongo brings his story of redemption and his path to ministry in bringing the gospel to millions of people across the globe.

Priority in Worship

August 20, 2017
What are we thinking when we sing songs of worship to God.  Hymn writer Leon Sanderson brings a message on priority in worship