Providing a Temporary Haven for Individuals and Families Who Have Been Displaced from Their Residence. 
A household is defined as an individual or a group of individuals that reside at the same residence prior to housing.

No limit of individuals per household or age restrictions.

Only one household will be housed in the building at a time.

Availability will be determined by the HOST ministry team on a case-by-case basis.

No ‘drop offs’ for housing are allowed.

Length of stay will be no more than 2 nights.

A household will be limited to one stay per year. 

Check in will be at 6:00pm and check out will be no later than 9:00am daily.*

Individuals will be required to leave the building from 9:00am until 6:00pm daily.

Initial check in times can vary due to emergency needs.

* These are standard check in and out times. We can and will be flexible if needed. 


All households will be provided:

  • Hot Showers and Hygiene Supplies
  • Breakfast and Dinner Each Day
  • An Individual Bed for each Household Member
  • Access to the Eastside church of Christ Clothing Room
  • Crisis & Emergency Resources
  • A Bible and Related Materials


Pets - Allowance of pets will be determined on an individual basis by the HOST Ministry team.

Smoking & Vaping - Smoking and Vaping are only allowed outside of a 25 foot radius of our buildings.

Alcohol - No alcohol or intoxication are allowed on the premises.

Weapons - No weapons or firearms of any kind are allowed on the premises.

Visitors - No personal visitors are allowed while staying in the building.

Intimate Partner Violence Referrals - The individuals safety will be assessed, and a plan will be developed on an individual basis. Individuals will be asked to turn off phones and / or other tracking devices.

The HOST Ministry is designed to assist households in a state of emergency by providing a temporary haven. While we will do everything we can, the goal is not to assist individuals in locating and obtaining new housing, employment, or other basic needs. The referring agency is still responsible for connecting the household to additional services.